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Welcome at Ocean Submarine. Our company is a specialist in designing and developing state of the art small size submarines with amazing features. At our base in George Town, the Cayman Islands, we combine fine engineering with the best equipment worldwide renown manufactures can offer. Here is where we worked more than seven years on a totally new generation of modularly build submarines for a broad number of users.

That we choose our base in the Caribbean is not without a reason. At the island are beautiful coral reefs with stiff rock walls where our submarines can dive into the depths.

At the bottom of this crystal clear sea there is enough wreckage from planes and boats to admire. One of the islands is be an ideal place for customer who want to make a test run with a submarine. The Cayman Islands are also very easy to reach with international airlines. The beautiful white beaches are then a short journey away. The customers can be taken to the submarine with a small tender boat from where they can take the test run.

At George Town Ocean Submarine can built and furnish up to five vessels at the time at 5.000m2 production floor. For that we acquired a generously spaced modern hangar like production facility with a modern office complex where we also have our design studio. The complex is next to the largest recreational harbour in the Island and has an open connection to the sea. The harbour facilities are large enough to handle our products and guarantees maximum privacy when needed.

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Ocean Submarine is a specialist in designing and developing small size state of the art submarines. Our newest type is the NEYK, a submersible vessel with a fully pressurized single hull. It has an overall length from 19m (63ft) to 22m (73 feet) and a maximum displacement of 100 to 108 tonnes of water. Its standard diving capability is 300m (1000 feet). For offshore and deep sea research this can be upgraded to 900 metres (3000 feet). The NEYK suits a wide range of deployments from the tourist industry to very high end luxury leisure versions. But also as a stealthy very agile military submarine or as the ultimate equipment for the offshore industry and deep sea exploring.

NEYK the small size submarine for the next level

Ocean Submarine started developing a completely new generation of single hull, deep diving, multipurpose, tactical submarines under the name NEYK. Our vision was to develop a highly versatile submarine powered by the most advanced technologies available. The final design should result in a submersible vessel that with smaller dimensions, more lightweight and more easy to operate can compete with every existing model on the market. And not only that. The NEYK is revolutionary when it comes to steering and handling. For military and deep sea of offshore use it is the most agile submarine the world has known so far.

Other key features are:

-Modular design
-Low noise signature at the highest possible speed
-A high shock resistance
-Extremely good sight
-High levels of comfort
-Low hydrodynamic drag
-Variable power
-Integrated control and monitoring systems
-Multi functional periscope

Extensive test program
Ocean Submarine spent two years in developing an ultramodern teardrop body. The next stage was to test ten scale models in a development program. Three of these models were used in manoeuvring simulators, a high speed towing tank and deep water towing tanks. Thus to test the moving dynamic and static forces as weight and buoyancy, the dynamic forces produced by the submarine’s hull shape and from the action of main rudder and the vertical rudders fore and aft.

When testing the electric propulsion system many tests were conducted to discover the optimum position of the engines. This resulted in a new design where each engine is placed in its own optimized pot that is suspended on either side of the hull. This provides excellent manoeuvrability.

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The NEYK by Ocean Submarine is modularly built and comes standard with a single pressure hull. The hull is reinforced with rafters spaced at 60 centimetres apart for maximum security. For offshore and scientific usage the hull can be upgraded to depths up to 900 metres (1.000 feet) The overall design guarantees a very low hydrodynamic drag, a high shock resistance and a very low noise signature that can be upgraded for military use. The nose section varies to order.

The submarine has airplane like spaciously dimensioned panoramic Acrylate portholes for excellent sight. These can vary to order. An additional hydraulically driven undercarriage expands the multi functionality of the submarine even more.

Built modularly, the NEYK is very easy to transport. The vertical diving rudders and conning tower can be removed within hours so the submarine can be airlifted for worldwide deployment. Because of a retractable undercarriage, the submarine can also drive up a ramp by itself.

The new NEYK submarine is completely built modular. The commercial, private and military versions have a single pressure hull that is only slightly tapered in the rear for maximum inner space. All parts as mid ship, conning tower, stern and nose sections are made of high-yield steel HY-100 (produced by Marel to meet RNIN specifications).

The nose section is not welded but bolted to the hull and can vary to order. It can for instance be equipped with a large Acrylate dome for recreational or scientific use. But you can also order a pressure chamber to let divers emerge from or re-enter the boat. The nose section can also be equipped as a control centre to use ROV’s or robotized arms for offshore tasks.

The NEYK can easily be airlifted to any place in the world. To transport the vessel, the vertical diving rudders and the complete tower can be removed within a few hours only. The complete submarine can drive itself into a transport airplane like a C5-Galaxy or Antonov An-225.

For offshore and scientific or deep sea exploring use up to 900 metres (3.000 feet), Ocean Submarine offers a very deep going model that has a high pressurized multiple spherically designed inner hull. An auxiliary under fuselage can contain extra diesel tanks, auxiliary battery packs or weaponry.

Hoovering is brought to a revolutionary level by two horizontally placed thrusters in the dome on top of the conning tower.

Another revolutionary feature is the possibility to deploy three retractable wheels with hydraulic propulsion. This gives the submarine the possibility to drive up any elevations up to 7 degrees such as ramp.

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<strong>Cockpit</strong><br>The large spherical top viewport provides the pilot with excellent all-round visibility
The large spherical top viewport provides the pilot with excellent all-round visibility
THE luxury


What type of NEYK submarine you choose, one feature stays the same. Our excellent design always guarantees the highest achievable comfort for your passengers or for your crew to accomplish their job at hand. That starts with the revolutionary steering design that makes the vessel the most agile submarine ever made. All integrated electronical control and monitoring systems makes the submarine completely operated by wire and easy to handle with only two joysticks.

Manoeuvring is very precise and predictable. The NEYK can turn on its keel within seconds or hoover within centimetres at one spot. The smartly designed hull gives ample space for every type of interior and equipment you wish.

The NEYK submarine can be either rigged as the most a luxury submersible vessel on earth as a dedicated workhorse or as fast, stealthy and deadly naval force to be reckoned with. Each application comes with another definition of what comfort is.

For all users the great manoeuvrability must be a real revelation. Due to the two separately placed main engines that separately can be reversed, four vertical diving rudders and a main rudder, a bow and a stern thruster the whole submarine can turn on a dime in only seconds. Hoovering is also brought to the next level. The NEYK can stay actively in one place by the use of two extra vertical thruster placed in the dome on top of te tower that can give up and downforce. It can do this completely computerised.

For the private owner it might be that luxury handmade design he had in mind to dive with his friends in utter comfort to explore the deep and unknown. Or the fact that the boat is so easy to handle, he can do it himself. He and his company can even board on land and drive the submarine into its natural habitat on its own power!

For the marines on a high risk mission, comfort might be the absolute stealthy concept, it agile but predictable manoeuvring capability, the high speed under water or the excellent range of options to install weapon systems and a wide variety of electronics. The “NEYK” combat system incorporates the most modern forms of data processing and displays in the command centre. That gives an advantage in underwater electronic warfare.

The deep sea explorer and offshore maintenance or rescue crew might find the extremely ruggedness of the vessel very comforting. They have a real use for the large acrylate dome that gives them a perfect sight on ‘what happens on the other side of the glass’. They might find the possibilities of all kinds of adaptions Ocean Submarine can make beyond their expectations. Think about installing things like robotized arms, or the use of ROV’s, a high pressure saturation chamber and an extra hatch to let divers in and out under water. The excellent automated hoovering function makes that the crew completely can concentrate at the work at hand.

That hatch also can be of great value in rescuing other submarine crews if necessary.

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Power and propulsion

The main propulsion of the NEYK is provided by two electrical nearly noiseless motors that are placed in two pods outside the pressure hull. The pods are specially designed to give the propellers more efficiency up to five percent and provide extra cooling at low speed. The revolutionary design also provides low drag and a very low underwater noise signature. 

The electrical power is generated by a diesel engine. The engine provides the power for the electrical main propulsion and bow, stern and vertical thrusters when surfaced or at snorkelling depth and charges the batteries.


Ocean Submarine provides the diesel driven Rolls-Royce 4000 U83 generator as a standard. Other makes of engine can also be built in. For the electrical propulsion we use 100 kW motors as a standard. However, more powerful engines or more recreational types can be ordered. 

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Extra features

Standard the NEYK submarine comes fully navigable with all necessary navigation systems, a fully integrated periscope, systems for surface and under water communication and safety equipment. But our NEYK submarine is a very flexible diving platform. Every vessel is unique and can be rigged with almost every piece of equipment to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. The private owner can choose to install everything to his liking. From very luxury interiors with multiple compartments, to highly specialized equipment, adaptions extra lights and camera systems.


Ocean Submarine also provides the necessary training and certification of the crew.

Principal specifications

Overall length: 19.340m (63 feet)
Optional extension: 2.300m (7 feet)
Overall breadth: 7.000m (23 feet)
Overall height: 5.545m (18 feet)
Diameter hull: 3.000m (10 feet)
Diameter main hatch: 0,60 m*


Surfaced: 90.920-100 metric tons
Depending on length
103.320-108 metric tons
Diving capacity:
Depending on version
100-900 metres (300-1000 feet)
Power generation:
Other specs possible
218 kW diesel engine


Two electrically driven propellors:
Other specs possible
100- 200 kw
Max speed depending on type of engine and 100% output
Military versions can differ
5-11 nKT
Military versions can differ
7-15 nKT

Steering and Manoeuvering

In water:

  • Main steering by 4 independent operational vertical rudders fore and aft with 30º elevation (full up to full down)
  • Two addional bow and rear thrusters 10kW. Two vertical thrusters of 5kW. Main engines independent reversible

On land:

  • Complete undercarriage with hydraulic propulsion on each wheel. Climbing angle 7º max.
  • Maximum dive angle: 30º
  • Max. payload depending on version: 5.8 tons
we combine fine Dutch engineering
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