with an exceptional good view

The newly designed NEYK by Ocean Submarine is the ultimate under water vessel for commercial use. It can take up to 44 passengers for the tour of their lifetime. One of the main advantages over other commercially employed subs, of the commercial version of the NEYK has very specious large acrylate portholes with a diameter of 70 cm each. This guarantees your passengers an exceptional good view. The multiple laterally placed spotlights will even enhance this for an underwater souvenir of a lifetime.

The commercial version of the NEYK comes in four lengths for 20 to 44 paying passengers. All types are built to withstand 2.000 to 3.000 operations a year with only standard periodically maintenance. The 20-02 is the smallest version with a capacity of 20 paying passengers that can handle up to five two hour trips a day. The midsize versions 28-02 and 32-02 give the best value to money ratio. The investment is not a high as for our flagship 44-02 but with an amount of paying passengers between 125 to 200 a day (8 to 9 tours) it can be made profitable within a sustainable time.

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The commercial version has a slightly different design from our standard version NEYK. Because there is no need for deep diving the commercial version has a diving platform of 900 feet (100m). This combines the optimal safety for passengers and crew with an investment that fits your business model. No need to say that our commercial version has an optimal layout for handling and seating unexperienced passengers.

The handling of the submarine is very easy with two joysticks. Standard it needs only a crew of two. The navigation instruments have a standard for dead reckoning navigation only but can be extended with gyro’s autopilot, sonar and more. The public address system can be fitted with underwater microphones to transfer the sounds of the sea life like whales and dolphins. Provisions for extra cabin personal and a pantry can be made. The oxygen and air supply is over dimensioned to last 8 to 9 dives daily without refilling or changing air bottles.

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<strong>Viewport</strong><br>The large spherical top viewport provides the pilot with excellent all-round visibility
The large spherical top viewport provides the pilot with excellent all-round visibility
THE luxury


The commercial version of our NEYK is designed with the comfort of paying passengers in mind. That asks for extra more commonly recognised equipment as for instance an extra wide entrance hatch with a stair instead of the more usual stepladder through the con tower. Of course there is one in the tower but only for emergency only. Passengers find themselves in luxury leather chairs with a safety belt and will have an extremely good view by the over dimensioned acrylate portholes with a diameter of 70 centimetres. The bow of the vessel has a large dome for the best view. Various lateral a forward facing spotlights ensure a bright and clear view for everyone.

The standard features of the NEYK adds up to a comfortable tour never been practised in any commercial underwater vessel. This starts with the spacious dimension of the interior. The maximum height of 1.95 m will able most passengers to walk upright. The spacious cabin prevents claustrophobia common in other compact commercial subs. Every passenger will be seated in a luxurious chair with a safety belt.

Excellent diving qualities of the NEYK design guarantees a very smooth ride where excellent and very predictable manoeuvrability and hoovering capability of the vessel will provide every passenger with the best views possible.

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Power and propulsion

The main propulsion of the NEYK is provided by two electrical nearly noiseless motors that are placed in two pods outside the pressure hull. The pods are specially designed to give the propellers more efficiency up to five percent and provide extra cooling at low speed. The revolutionary design also provides low drag and a very low underwater noise signature. The commercial version of the NEYK had no diesel generator to recharge the batteries. These a recharged by cable while moored.

The absence of a diesel engine is done for more space and thus more paying passengers. The standard capacity of the battery packs is enough for a day of normal operation with 8 to 9 dives inclusive reserve capacity for emergencies. The electrical motors vary to the length of the boat but are more moderate powered then the standard version. In according to this, the commercial version has a lower cruising speed of 4,5 knots when surfaced and a sightseeing speed of 1,5 knots under water. However other type of electrical motors can be ordered.

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Extra features

Standard the NEYK submarine comes fully navigable with all necessary navigation systems, a fully integrated periscope, systems for surface and under water communication and safety equipment. But our NEYK submarine is a very flexible diving platform. Every vessel is unique and can be rigged with almost every piece of equipment to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. The private owner can choose to install everything to his liking. From very luxury interiors with multiple compartments, to highly specialized equipment, adaptions extra lights and camera systems.

Ocean Submarine also provides the necessary training and certification of the crew.

Principal specifications

Overall length: 19.340m (63 feet)
Optional extension: 2.300m (7 feet)
Overall breadth: 7.000m (23 feet)
Overall height: 5.545m (18 feet)
Diameter hull: 3.000m (10 feet)
Diameter main hatch: 0,60 m*


Surfaced: 90.920-100 metric tons
Depending on length
103.320-108 metric tons
Diving capacity:
Depending on version
100-900 metres (300-1000 feet)
Power generation:
Other specs possible
218 kW diesel engine


Two electrically driven propellors:
Other specs possible
100- 200 kw
Max speed depending on type of engine and 100% output
Military versions can differ
5-11 nKT
Military versions can differ
7-15 nKT

Steering and Manoeuvering

In water:

  • Main steering by 4 independent operational vertical rudders fore and aft with 30º elevation (full up to full down)
  • Two addional bow and rear thrusters 10kW. Two vertical thrusters of 5kW. Main engines independent reversible

On land:

  • Complete undercarriage with hydraulic propulsion on each wheel. Climbing angle 7º max.
  • Maximum dive angle: 30º
  • Max. payload depending on version: 5.8 tons
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